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New release by Brooke St. James

The Rest is History (The Morgan Family Book 6)

I was at a wedding purely for work related connections. Originally, my boyfriend was supposed to accompany me, but he broke up with me earlier in the day when I discovered that he had been cheating. So, there I was, alone at a wedding reception on what was not my best day.

I was surprised when a handsome stranger sat next to me. I had expected that seat to be empty all night and suddenly found myself feeling vulnerable enough to get charmed by this stranger and tell him my life story. I learned a lot about him, too. His name was Caleb Morgan, and he was an eligible bachelor. I left the wedding once other women began asking him to dance.

Caleb was a much needed distraction to end an awful day, but I never expected to see him again. You can guess how that worked out.

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