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Lost & Found (Tanner Family Book 6)


 Jude Tanner came from a humble background. He couldn't believe he was now the owner of a Thoroughbred racehorse. He obviously hoped his colt would be a contender on the road to the Kentucky Derby, but it still surprised him when it actually happened. It was surreal that his dreams were coming true. There were only a few more races before the Derby, and if Mister Everything did well, he had a shot.

What was even better was that Jude seemed to have found his lady luck. He was smitten with a young woman he met in Louisiana and one hundred percent convinced that she was the one.

Until she ghosted him. They were only together during that one weekend—two days spent getting to know each other. And then she was gone. He thought he'd never see her again, but then he found out that patience was the key. 

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